Intelligent operations


Lightweight Orchestration Environment

LOEN is the software that truly enables edge computing. It provides the fabric to define secure  reusable orchestration blueprints that enable initial hands free initiation of simple single node edge environments, through to multi-node complex deployed cloud environments running VMWare ESX, Hyper-V, Open Stack, Nutanix or Containers.


Datacentre orchestration capability that can run at the edge.


Open Standards (TOSCA) and tools (Ansible) core to LOEN.


LOEN are portable and human readable. The LOEN engine can run on low powered devices and moved between locations.


Orchestration at the edge needs embedded intelliegence and self sufficience - LOEN enables both


Central Intelligent Management System

CIMS enables the collection and analysis of real time and historic information within a CDDC and CDISC platform. It provides a simple interface to complex sensor information such as motion, tempertaure, tamper as well as built in interfaces to out-of-bound management platforms via standard based IPMI.


CIMS enables a holistic view of the platform by ingesting, analysing, visualising and alerting from a scalable set of sensors within a CDISC platform


IT systems management does not need to be hard. CIMS provides multiple views of information in modern simple visualisations.


CIMS has a built in event management system which is extenable via APIs and scripts. This ensures that CIMS adapts with the systems it supports.


Security is central to the CIMS concept. This is acheived through device protection and trusted code execution, secure communications, and secure storage.