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Our products must be useful, if people do not have a use for them, then we have failed. The usage lifecycle of our products includes the ability to understand a product's usefulness, a good first impression using it, the ability to use it and be successful over time.



Every interaction matters and becomes part of the product experience. From unpacking our products, to the first time they are setup and used and interacting with the products via our management interfaces. All of those interactions taken together make up the total product experience.


Solve existing problems

Product innovation isn't about new products that solve new problems. Product innovation to us is about new products that solve existing problems better than they're currently solved (or not solved).



Fit and finish matter to us. We care how our products look and believe a users experience is directly influenced by how it looks and builds trust in our products. The aesthetics of our products are not after thought its a constant through out our entire design lifecycle.



We adhere to the principles of Agile Design and adopt this through our entire New Product Design and Manufacturing lifecycles. Our Agile Manifesto includes:

Sprint Iterations

Dynamic Product Specifications


Sprint Iterations

Deliver Frequently

Welcome Change

Continuous Attention



Co-located within our manufacturing facility we have dedicated innovation labs. These labs are fully kitted out with our products and access to repeatable test and assessment environments using our orchestration and sandbox tools.

Our Adventures

ANTICS has allowed us to explore the rugged terrain in Dartmoor, the majestic mountains in the Alps and the lochs and hills of Scotland. Each expedition is a balance between testing technology, process and people. The ability for our engineers to test and experience our products in real environments is a key part of our design methodology.

ANTICS is the left of field, more radical side to Antillion, a time for free experimentation and to have some fun.

Alistair Bradbrook


Our Stories

Each year Antillion sets up a tipi village in Dartmoor UK and invites our military and industry friends to explore new ideas and technologies in a relaxed, informal, remote environment. Its an opportunity to discover new technology, test existing, make new friends and catch up with old ones.